If given the choice between a Can Am Spyder, Polaris Slingshot, Harley/Honda Trike, or this 1960's Moto Guzzi - the Italian is getting my money every day of the week. Behold, the Autoveicolo Da Montagna.

The literal translation from Italian is “mountain car,” which is fitting as it was designed to carry Italy’s elite mountain Alpini forces up steep mountain roads.

While not the first trike used by the Italian military, this one was designed from the ground up at the request of General Ferruccio Garbari, who was tired of the troubles his troops had with the current offerings.


Guzzi engineer Giulio Carcano was given the project and, by March of 1960, he had a prototype ready. After more testing and countless changes, including swapping a 750 cc V-twin for the single cylinder 500, it was finally ready. The production model could climb 31-degree inclines.

Unfortunately, it was also a pain in the ass to work on and earned the nickname “Orgia di ingranaggi” (orgy of gears), and also killed several people in rollovers. They were discontinued by 1963.


The restoration was handled by Constantino Frontalini, who runs his own museum for sidecars (the website is incredible).

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Photos: Motos Of War

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