There are 85 million Honda Super Cubs in existence but, thanks to Deus Japan, only one that looks like this. Meet the Firefly.

The Firefly began its life as a 1961 Honda Super Cub, much like the one pictured below (which is a 1958 model from the year of its release).

Notice anything different? Yeah, me either.

The bike, which was designed by Deus Japan’s new Director of Motorcycle Operations Matthew Roberts, takes its inspiration from the small capacity GP and TT bikes from the era of the Super Cub’s creation.

The monocoque body houses the fuel, battery, coil, and electrics - all of which are laid out along that narrow backbone, which measures just 4.5 inches at it’s widest point.


Deus kept the original hubs, but laced them to DID alloy rims using custom spokes. The alloy top bridge, stoplight, and rear sets were all hand made for the bike.

If you’re asking yourself “why?” and the answer “because it’s pretty” isn’t good enough, Deus also plan to race the bike in Japan’s pre-1964 series. To make it ready for double duty, all of the lighting is attached with quick-release mechanisms so the headlight can easily be swapped for a number plate.

This is motorcycle porn at it’s best. Head over to Deus’s site for more details on the build and try not to get in trouble drooling over these pics at work.

Thanks for the tip Aaron!

Photos: Deus Ex Machina

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