Plenty of people have terrible ideas, but few people are bold enough to come up with a great terrible idea. I think Mark Wilson's car-that-turns-into-two-motorcycles is such a terrible idea that it's come full circle and I almost kind of love it.

Mark regularly does this "creative director for a day" schtick for FastCo Design and, in light of the New York Auto Show, his brilliant idea was to get Cadillac to make this strange auto-cycle contraption/s. Alas, Cadillac didn't buy it (they'd have called it something boring like the CM3, anyway).

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Not one to give up, Mark had the team at Argo Design make a 3D render of it to pitch to various people at the auto show, including myself.

I don't know. I may just be sold on this. What do you think?

Image: Argo Design