No one does a concept bike as well as Husqvarna, and their new Vitpilen 701 Concept is proof that true love does exist. I would give them all of the dollars I have for this this motorcycle, even the ones I hid in the attic.

The Vitpilen (Swedish for white arrow) 701 is, as you might expect, based on the 690 cc single cylinder Husky just put in the 701 Supermoto and 701 Enduro.


The details on this bike are simply stunning, from the monocoque rear tail piece that houses the airbox and exposed air filter, to the “701” in the headlight, to that gorgeous exhaust. The blacked out engine with the bronze side covers and single high-viz yellow line through the bike give me the biggets bike boner that I might actually need to take a break after publishing this piece.

Husqvarna are the biggest cock teases in the industry right now and it’s high time we started seeing some production models.

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Photos: Husqvarna

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