I know, I never thought I would write those words either. But, luckily for us, Harley-Davidson doesn’t care what anyone expects them to do, because they do whatever the fuck they want. This is the Harley-Davidson 750 Stealth, and it looks awesome.

News of the bike first came from Rushlane.com, one of the biggest and best auto/moto sites in India. They were kind enough to share a selection of their shots, but hop on over to them to see all the pics.

By looks, I really do mean looks, because this Mad Max looking bike has me all sorts of tickled. The body kit, front fascia, light, and little windscreen are all simply fantastic looking, as are the blacked out wheels. Then there’s that stunning exhaust. The only real bummer, at least aesthetically, is the stupid “Harley-Davidson” and “Stealth” lettering on the side of the bike.


I should also mention that this is a concept bike, and one not actually built by the boys in Milwaukee. So, while that is fairly discouraging in that we’re unlikely to see this as a product released soon, it should be noted that this concept was unveiled by Harley at Bangkok Motor Show (so we know they at least know about it.) Maybe if enough people make a fuss over it, they’ll give us something we actually really want.

The problem is that this is based on the Harley-Davidson Street 750, a bike that has had a host of issues, and been called cheap, and epically failed a brake test. However, I’ve heard, from some of the guys who built flat track bikes using the engines, that the motor is actually quite a little gem. Given it’s smallish size, it could actually be pretty epic in a somewhat lightweight adventure bike. But can The Motor Company do “somewhat light?”

To get the 750 Stealth up to snuff, builders added Ohlins motocross suspension, a hand-crafted aluminum tank and fenders, a 21-inch front and 18-inch rear wheel, dirt tires, a custom aluminum swingarm, custom exhaust, and LED lights. Given these mods, this concept bike is actually probably quite adequate for almost any sort of off road riding you’d want to d0. Unfortunately that his little to do with what a production model would be capable - if they ever build it, that is.


Either way, it’s an interesting idea and something that would be incredible to see Harley move towards. They rarely listen to my ideas, but this is one I definitely think they could, and should, do.

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