On the one hand, the idea that Ducati thinks people are so dumb that they can’t tracker-ize the regular Scrambler is pretty insulting. On the other hand, this Ducati Scrambler Flat Track Pro is pretty damn cool. This one got lost in the new bike fray of EICMA a bit, but is well worth taking a gander at.

As you can see compared to the regular Scrambler Icon below, the Flat Tracker Pro get the exhaust from the Full Throttle, a new seat, number plate, grips, mirrors, bars, flyscreen, footpegs, and front mudguard, and it loses the rear fender.

I’m still not sure how I feel about the number plate (it’s a little poseur-y), but the mirrors, footpegs, and seat are all welcome updates, and I even sort of like the grips even if they are a bit gaudy.


Ducati has yet to confirm pricing, but I would assume the Flat Tracker Pro version comes in at $10,000 like the other up-spec models released.

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Photos: Ducati

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