Sorry Honda, but your Grom will live no longer as the only option for miniature sized racing, stunting, and all around mini-motorcycle awesomeness. Kawasaki is bringing its Z125 Pro stateside.

The Z125 Pro is the manual version of the Z125, which was announced last October. It’s powered by a 125 cc single cylinder motor, gets electronic fuel injection, and a four speed gearbox. It also features a 30 mm inverted front fork and pre-load adjustable rear shock.

Stunt rider Jason Britton was at the bike’s unveiling feeling out the front brake for stoppies. “No problem” he says.

It weighs 0.2 pounds less than the Honda despite having a half-gallon larger gas tank. It will be in dealers this June, with an MSRP of $2,999, which is $200 less than a Grom.

The real good news here isn’t any of the specs, just that the bike exists.

Demand for the Grom has been so high, and supply so low, that I’ve seen them in showrooms with stickers twice the MSRP. I love that Kawi have tried to make this look more like the larger Z800 and Z1000 with the belly pan and exhaust, but most shoppers will care more about being able to get their mini moto on for a reasonable price.

With the list of Grom mods growing by the day, the Z125 Pro should have a host of parts to make it awesome in no time. You know, in case you want to do something really dumb like race in a 24 hour endurance race from hell.

Photos: Kawasaki

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