Sometimes adding another 100cc to a Honda Cub just isn't enough. The developing world's chariot of choice needs more. Pip Davidson answered that call, taking a cue from the Honda tuning world with his 1967 Cub 90 by adding a 24-hp Daytona Anima engine and then – just for good measure – a 15-shot of nitrous. And a proletariat hero was born.

Pip's creation has a name: Enid. He rescued the battered and bruised Cub after years of dutiful city service and then tore it to shreds in the pursuit of… something. We're not exactly sure.

Rust in the back necessitated some surgery, so the cancerous ducktail was removed and bobbed. The old 90cc mill was swapped out for a 190cc engine fed by a Keihin PE28 carb that sticks out of the frame like a foam-covered wart.


With that and a 15,000 RPM redline, the top speed rose to a thoroughly ludicrous 90 MPH, but even a 500-percent power increase wasn't enough, so Pip fitted the 15-shot of NAWWWWS. But it's still practical, with a single seat mounted ahead of the luggage rack and a 12V conversion to help light the way.

As for the riding experience, well, it still has the original brakes and a slightly tweaked suspension. Add in the absurd power and Pip describes Enid as "kind of feisty." We're sure.


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