There have been superchargers, surprises, and scramblers galore at EICMA - but let’s talk about some real excitement. Some news for the people. The SV650 is back!! How about that internet, your darling has returned. Oh wait, it hasn’t?


Yes, the old SV650 is the Miata of the motorcycle world. A bike that rewarded riding skill and the premier option for people that “knew better” than to start on a bike that was too big for them. The irony of seeing it sit on showroom floors next to the squiddliest bike of all time (gixxer brah) still makes me chuckle.

The SV650 went away in 2012 to replaced by the cheaper, uglier, and worse Gladius. Then it came back as the SFV650, but something was wrong. Our old friend returned like a brainwash victim from a UFO probing.


It’s aluminum frame was gone, it’s curbweight was up, it didn’t have the handling of its beloved predecessor. But Suzuki seeks to revise these mistakes, without actually fixing them for 2016. Here is the new SV650, the details that were changed but don’t matter, and some that do.

Things that matter:

  • More Power! New pistons reduce friction and power is up to 76hp with identical torque at 47lb. ft in this 645 cc V-twin.
  • “Suzuki Easy Start” which acts like the push start in a car, which you only need to press quickly and it will turn the starter until it fires. It also raises revs in the parking lot so you don’t stall and protects what little street cred you have.
  • Seat height is only 30 inches.

Things that don’t matter:

  • The Airbox is new!
  • The clutch cover is new, and lighter!
  • “Sporty Riding” Seat? Uh, yeah, sport. For your butt. Sportsbutt.
  • LED Tailight

So yeah, the SV650 is here. With all the trappings of the Ducati Scrambler, just without all the hipster bits. So, people of the internet, here is your king is back, kind of.

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Photos: Suzuki

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