Moto Guzzi adds a touch of weird sophistication to every bike they make. It starts with that motor placement, and the individuality just seeps throughout. This year, they brought to EICMA what all the cool kids brought to EICMA – a Scrambler, but they also brought a heavy weight surprise.

V7 II Stornello

Sean has the write-up on the other two V9’s that debuted. But there’s one more. Can you guess it? Think real hard and long.

Why yes! It IS another retro inspired bike with knobbies and a high pipe. This is Guzzi’s version, with an identical 48hp, 744cc V-Twin motor as its siblings. In addition to the “offroad” tires, it includes aluminum mudguards and room and THREE sets of number plate holders.

With the V7 II Stornello, the squad of factory Scramblers is now nearly complete. All hail our new scrambler overlords. Scrambler all the things.

MGX-21 Flying Fortress

This. Now this on the other hand has me excited. Baggers are awesome. I’ve come around to them, but what’s lacking in this class is a something more suave and insane. Less Sturgis more Skull and Bones; the type of bike that would fit a travelling billionaire that only plays the most dangerous games.

I think Moto Guzzi just nailed it.

The MGX-21 Flying Fortress was a concept last year. Based on the sublime California it featured twinges of red, carbon fiber, bags, and crazy. Now it’s real. It still has the 1380c air-cooled V-twin engine of the California that puts out 96 hp and 89 lb/ft torque. And it looks menacing as all hell.

Awesome. Bravo Moto Guzzi. When can I ride one?

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Photos: Moto Guzzi

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