Been lusting after the lovely Ducati Scrambler, but not sure you’re ready for the 75 horsepower of that 803 cc motor? Ducati has you covered with their new entry level Scrambler, all for just $7,995!

The Scrambler Sixty2 is powered by a two-cylinder, air cooled 399 cc motor making 41 horsepower and 25 foot-pounds of torque.


Here’s the thing: that’s a lot less power for only $500 less than the full-on Scrambler. Good deal or nah?

But Ducati says that in order to help keep this entry level standard a little more price-friendly, they’ve have swapped for a right side up 41 mm Showa fork and a tank with a dedicated (non swappable) logo. This bike is barely smaller than the regular Scrambler, coming in at 403 pounds compared to the normal one’s 410.

Wheelbase actually grows slightly, from 56.9 inches to 57.5, and seat height stays the same at 31.1 inches for the regular seat and 30.3 for the optional low seat.


The front brake drops from a 330 mm disc to a 320 mm one, and from a four-piston caliper to a two-piston one - but ABS remains standard. The rear 245 mm disc and single-piston remain the same.

I’m not sure how I feel about the baby Scrambler, or Ducati’s decision to sleeve down the 803 cc engine to hit their displacement goals. For the price they’re charging, I would have expected them to put a little more effort into developing a motor specifically for this application but, with a respectable 41 horsepower, I’ll withhold further judgement until I get to ride the thing. It still sounds fun.

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Photos: Ducati

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