The Husqvarna Vitpilen 125 May Be The Closest Thing To The Scrambler Grom We Want

If you thought this year was a fun bike launch/EICMA season, wait til you see what’s coming for 2017. Kawasaki just declared they have 12 bikes coming over the next two years, we should see more forced induction things, KTM better bring me my 800 cc twins, and Husqvarna confirmed the 401 Vitpilen is on the way. The… »Wednesday 3:20pm11/25/15 3:20pm

I'm Turning This Tiny Dirt Bike Into The Ultimate All-Purpose Motorcycle

Of course the headline is hyperbolic; we should all have vast fleets of wheels for every possible activity. But that’s not always realistic, and a bike that can do a little bit of everything has a lot of appeal. That’s what I’m trying to build with my latest project: this single-cylinder dirt bike. »Wednesday 3:03pm11/25/15 3:03pm

The Ducati Scrambler Flat Track Pro Is Here, Because Turning Things Into Trackers Is Hard

On the one hand, the idea that Ducati thinks people are so dumb that they can’t tracker-ize the regular Scrambler is pretty insulting. On the other hand, this Ducati Scrambler Flat Track Pro is pretty damn cool. This one got lost in the new bike fray of EICMA a bit, but is well worth taking a gander at. »Wednesday 12:52pm11/25/15 12:52pm

Ornamental Conifer: Freedom Earned From Throttles Turned 

Art can be judged on an almost infinite number of criteria from technical skill, monetary value, importance in an artist’s body of work, etc. The best criteria, we feel, is judging art based on how it makes you feel. When viewed in that context, the art created by Ornamental Conifer (aka Nicolai Sclater) is awesome.… »11/24/15 1:01pm11/24/15 1:01pm

Lanesplitter Has Been Full Steam For Three Months, How Are We Doing?

Well ‘splitters, we’ve been at it for a full three months now. I made a bunch of ridiculous-ass claims when I first started about fixing motorcycle journalism and now you’ve gotten a taste of what life is like with me. How are we doing? »11/24/15 10:25am11/24/15 10:25am

The Kawasaki SC-02 "Soul Charger" Concept Hints At Kawasaki's Future, 12 New Models Coming

There’s simply no way around it - Kawasaki was a massive disappointment this EICMA season. After releasing the first supercharged motorcycle in the H2, we’d all hoped to see them follow up with a second model...or at least something. While that didn’t happen, they did bring this SC-02 “Soul Charger” concept and very… »11/23/15 5:28pm11/23/15 5:28pm

The Honda CBSix50 And CB4 Concepts: Your Modern Day Scrambler And Streetfighter

Today, the term “Scrambler” means a retro/classic looking motorcycle that’s been given higher bars, off-road tires, and exhaust that looks cool but will likely burn your leg. And, quite honestly, there isn’t anything wrong with that. However, it used to mean something entirely different. »11/23/15 1:37pm11/23/15 1:37pm

2016 Victory Ignition Concept: A Modern Cruiser For The Modern (Wo)Man

The Victory Ignition Concept is the most exciting thing to happen in the cruiser space, well, since the Indian Scout. The two come from the same company Polaris, who are likely on the cusp of renaissance in the cruiser realm. As a guy who doesn’t really get cruiser, I’m insanely excited. »11/18/15 9:45am11/18/15 9:45am

2016 Moto Guzzis: One You Saw Coming, And One Awesome Surprise

Moto Guzzi adds a touch of weird sophistication to every bike they make. It starts with that motor placement, and the individuality just seeps throughout. This year, they brought to EICMA what all the cool kids brought to EICMA – a Scrambler, but they also brought a heavy weight surprise. »11/18/15 6:06am11/18/15 6:06am

2016 MV Agusta Brutale 800 And Lewis Hamilton Dragster RR: Small Changes And More Bling

It’s hard not to root for MV Augusta. The Italian brand has a storied racing history, and post-HD ownership embarked on product blitz to try and fix public perceptions. They’re flawed, exotic, beautiful machines, and very Jalop. »11/17/15 2:28pm11/17/15 2:28pm