​Man's Femur Goes Into His Ballsack After Motorcycle Crash [NSFW]

A 33-year-old man was admitted into an emergency room after a motorcycle crash in Germany. Doctors noticed the berries to his twig were hard, swollen, and blue, while his left leg was shorter than it should've been. Why? "Femoral-Head Dislocation to the Scrotum." Yes, the top of his femur was sheared off and shoved… » 2/27/15 1:02pm Friday 1:02pm

Oregon And Washington Could Legalize Lane-Splitting

California may be the only state in the country that allows motorcyclists to split lanes, but if bills proposed in Oregon and Washington pass, both states could join their West Coast sibling in helping riders free themselves from the tyranny of traffic. » 2/26/15 2:12pm Thursday 2:12pm

​Why Is Suzuki Helping Fund This Chinese Ducati Knockoff?

No, Ducati is not offering a new, ultra-exclusive variant of the 1098 called the SPACE RANGER. They should, but that's besides the point. The point is that Suzuki is apparently a stakeholder in the company that makes this 300cc ode to Ducati's superbike. » 2/23/15 4:41pm 2/23/15 4:41pm

​How To Turn A Wrecked Buell XBRR Into A John Player Special Tribute

There are only 50 Buell XBRR Daytona Superbikes in the world. When they landed in 2006, they cost upwards of $30,000 and were confined to racetracks, but that didn't stop a couple of tools from stealing one, doing a burnout, and promptly wrecking it in a ditch. Resurrection, thy name is John Player Special. » 2/17/15 3:28pm 2/17/15 3:28pm

​The Yamaha Infrared Is A Cafe Racer'd V-Max Freak

The V-Max has officially entered middle-age, and like some 30 year olds, it's looking to glom onto whatever's trendy to stay relevant. Hence the Infrared, the latest installment of Yamaha's "yard built" bike series. But it's actually pretty damn slick. » 2/12/15 4:04pm 2/12/15 4:04pm

The Victory Charger Could Be Polaris' First Electric Motorcycle

It's been less than a month since Polaris acquired electric motorcycle manufacturer Brammo, and the first fruits of that partnership may have been revealed in a trademark filing for the Victory Charger. » 2/04/15 1:26pm 2/04/15 1:26pm

This Is Why Your Motorcycle Holds Up To A Massive Jump

Motorcycle drop tests are one of those things that everyone does, but no one really talks about. Alta Motors wants to shed some light on the process, even if it's just a video of them dropping their new electric bike a couple stories from a makeshift rig. » 2/03/15 2:04pm 2/03/15 2:04pm