Oregon’s Neutered Lane-Splitting Bill Removes A Massive Safety Benefit

The Oregon State Senate has passed a proposal to make lane-splitting legal in the state. The only problem is the amendment has been diluted so much in the legislative process that it’s eliminate one of the biggest safety advantages to motorcyclists. » 4/24/15 2:41pm Yesterday 2:41pm

The Definitive Visual Guide On How Not To Behave In A Motorcycle Race

Let Moto3 rider Romano Fenati demonstrate nearly every single bad behavior you could do in a motorcycle race. Fenati had a bit of a beef with fellow rider Niklas Ajo during the warm-up session for this weekend’s race, not only kicking at his competitor’s bike, but later reaching over and disabling that bike on the… » 4/20/15 7:44pm Monday 7:44pm

Insane MotoGP Race Ends With Marc Marquez and Valentino Rossi Colliding

MotoGP’s Gran Premio Red Bull de la República Argentina came down to a battle between two previous world champions: Marc Marquez and Valentino Rossi. Marquez was in the lead, but Rossi was coming up on him fast on a more durable rear tire compound than Marquez. » 4/19/15 6:06pm 4/19/15 6:06pm

Watch This Motorcyclist Face A Squirrel With A Death Wish

What is it about small furry things that makes them incapable of understanding when to cross the road? The math should be pretty simple: big loud thing + moving fast = don’t cross the road now. And yet, this squirrel, like so many rodents, picked the only moment when a vehicle was on this otherwise completely empty… » 4/19/15 10:11am 4/19/15 10:11am

MotoGP Is An Event That Begs You To Get On A Bike

MotoGP is a race weekend like no other. The bikes are amazing, and the talent level of the riders is otherworldly. Out of all the top-level motorsports I've been to, however, MotoGP is unique because of its ever-present reminder that you, too, could ride a motorcycle. » 4/16/15 5:42pm 4/16/15 5:42pm

We're At MotoGP's Grand Prix Of The Americas All This Weekend

If there's any one racing vehicle with a power-to-weight ratio that would make Colin Chapman fanboys weep, it's a motorcycle. Patrick George and I will be will be here at Circuit of the Americas all weekend, watching motorcyclists battle it out at face-melting speeds. » 4/10/15 7:32pm 4/10/15 7:32pm